Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Skin Dead Sea Laboratories unique?

Skin Dead Sea Laboratories specialize in the production, development, and marketing of skincare products infused with the richness of Dead Sea minerals and natural ingredients. Our commitment to improving skin texture and condition sets us apart, offering a unique blend for aesthetes.

When was Skin Cosmetics founded?

Skin Cosmetics was founded in 2009, establishing itself as a leading authority in utilizing Dead Sea minerals and natural ingredients for cosmetic production.

Why are Dead Sea minerals essential for skincare?

The Dead Sea contains 26 essential minerals, a dozen of which are exclusive to this region. These natural minerals play a crucial role in well-being, skin cell renewal, and maintenance. Our products harness the effectiveness of Dead Sea salts, known for their disinfecting and purifying qualities.

What skin problems do Skin Cosmetics products address?

Dermatologists and chemists from Israel and around the world develop our products to address common skin issues such as seborrhea, acne, hyperpigmentation, skin aging, wrinkles, and telangiectasia. Our microcapsule technology ensures the concentrated and active substances dissolve upon contact with the skin.

Are Skin Cosmetics formulas cruelty-free?

Yes, we are committed to ethical beauty practices. Our paraben-free formulas incorporate natural ingredients and peptides that have not been tested on animals.

Where are Skin Cosmetics products available worldwide?

Our products are sold globally through independent distributors in Eastern European countries, including Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and the United States. In Israel, our marketing is conducted through cosmetologists or dermatologists, ensuring a personalized approach for optimal results.

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