We use cookies to offer you a better and more personalized internet service. The data stored by the cookies that the website uses never show personal information from which the identity of a subject can be established. 

Types of beads

Session cookies /Session cookie/

Session cookies exist while the user is browsing the website. They are used for temporary personalization of pages on the site during current browsing. They are temporary and expire when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies /Persistent cookie/

Unlike session cookies, which expire when the browser is closed, persistent cookies expire after a certain period of time. This means that they remain saved on your computer even after closing the browser. During the period in which they are valid, each time the site is loaded, information may be transmitted from them to the website to which they belong. This information is used to authenticate the user and to personalize the website.

Third-party cookies /Third-party cookie/

Usually, the domain attributes of the cookies match the domain that you have loaded into the address bar of your browser. These are the keywords of the visited website. Third-party cookies usually belong to domains other than the one loaded in your browser’s address bar. This type of cookie usually appears when the loaded website displays content from external websites. Most often these are advertising banners.

As part of its services, our site displays content and uses third-party cookies. We display content from Google Adsense, HTTP pool, EasyAds, Facebook. We also use Google Analytics to keep track of site traffic, as well as other external sources.

Do cookies contain personal information?

The personal information that is accumulated through cookies can only be used to perform certain operations for the user. Such information is encrypted in a way that makes access to it by unidentified persons impossible.

Delete cookies

Usually, the applications used for surfing the web sites allow the storage of cookies. This setting can be changed so that the automatic storage of cookies is blocked in the browser or the user is informed each time before cookies are stored on the computer. Detailed information on the different ways of working with cookies can be found in the settings of the e-mail application.

Disabling cookies may prevent some website functionality.

You can choose to delete our or third-party cookies through the options of each browser. This may affect the interaction with our site or another site. More information about deleting cookies can be found at

By closing this page or continuing to browse and use the site, you agree to our use of cookies, our general terms and our privacy statement.

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