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Pro Line Whitening Ampoules

An innovative active concentrate for effective whitening of hyperpigmentation, post-acne spots and general skin lightening. Promotes the active destruction and release of damaged melanin. Ensures instant lightening and gives the skin an even complexion.

Contains: peptides, rice water, fruit extracts, chemical elements and acid.

The innovative formula in the ampoules works actively on two levels:

Internal – blocks the synthesis of melanin, which prevents the formation of pigment spots
Externally – removes damaged melanin from the skin surface, which leads to general whitening

In combination with products from the home care series, an even skin tone is guaranteed.

How to use: Apply with massage movements on pre-cleaned skin.

Ampoules have a greater effect on mesotherapy.

Important: Use sunscreen from the Pro Line SPF 40 series during your stay in the sun.

Packaging: Each box contains 10 ampoules, 11 ml. each

The product is for professional use only!

The product participates in an active campaign! When you buy three sets of ampoules in different combinations, dermapen is a gift.

Ask the official dealer of Skin Professional Bulgaria about the active promotions and campaigns!

Price of the set of ampoules: BGN 228 with VAT