Facial Care


Multi Fruit Mask

A highly effective mask, containing high concentrations of Multi Fruit extracts combined with vitamins C, B3, and Dead Sea Minerals, which help in subcutaneous fat dissolution and the reduction of sebum secretion. The mask has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties that help shrink pores and heal the infection.

The mask is designed for fatty and especially acne-afflicted skin.

. It has the ability to disinfect, fighting the causes of acne, and dissolving the clogged sebum instantly.


Clean skin with Multi Fruit series Cleansing Mousse, then apply the mask for 3 to 5 minutes and remove thoroughly.

We recommend using it twice a week in the evening. After use, the skin will become slightly red, which will disappear shortly after. To calm the skin, use the whitening mask from the Pro Line Series.