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Skin Academy

Treatment and treatment of pigmentation and scarring. Peels.

Skin Cosmetic Academy organizes a two-day, paid course Treatment and treatment of pigmentation and scars. Peels. The course will be conducted by Dr. Polina Panyova, Chief Physician of Skin Professional Bulgaria.
The price of the course Treatment and treatment of pigmentation and scars is BGN 490 with VAT. The training is only for certified beauticians and medical beauticians. Dr. Panyova will conduct the training in two days from 9:30. until 17:30

Highlights of the training:

1. Pigmentation

Types of pigmentation: hyperpigmentation, endogenous and exogenous
Dyschromia is a tactic
Chloasma and Melasma – tactics
Urticaria, nevi
How many procedures are needed, when, how and what care is needed?

2. Deep PEELING and Winter Peels
Types of peels
Active ingredients
Chemical substances
How do they stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin?
At what depth?
Purpose: to refresh the skin, to erase scars, for enlarged and deep pores,
freckles, hyperkeratosis, destruction of xerosis, ichthyosis, flat warts
How to peel the face, neck, décolleté, back, wrists
What tools do we use?
Protocols for superficial, medium and deep peels
Recovery period
Home care products


All registrants receive a special starter pack for treatment and treatment of pigmentation and scarring, worth over BGN 700.

Starter Package for Treatment and Treatment of Pigmentation and Scars:
1. Anti-Age or Multi Vitamin Cleansing Mousse 250 ml.
2. Active peeling 120 ml.
3. Nourishing mask Anti Age 50 ml. or Whitening mask Pro Line 50 ml. or Moisturizing mask Multi Vitamin 50 ml.
4. Mesococktails – 6 ampoules mix / hydration, whitening, anti-aging /
5. Alginate Mask 500 ml.
6. Serum 30 ml. / Anti Age or Multi Vitamin /

To register, call the office of Skin Professional:

+359 2 4444 217
+359 88 544 4421

+359 87 777 1902
+359 52 788 888